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Monday, April 11, 2016

"Por favor quitar estos piojos de mi cabeza...amén"

You ever eaten Calamari before? Well don't..
    But!! Hola a todos!!!!
        This week we went HAM!!! The goals we set for this week were
alright but then we ended up smashing them all! Sooooo let me tell you
a little something about my mission so far, I have lost about maybe
20lbs and some people are like wow that's a miracle! It's not really a
miracle when you have an area that is 6 hours and 39 minutes away from
your house! Yup, we decided to walk out to a pueblo that had no
transportation and no members wanted to take us because they were to
busy. We got up, left early in the morning and got there at about 2pm
(which is our medio dia time) and we decided not to have a medio dia.
We worked our butts off and received a lot of success...that was
until...we realized we had to get home. It was about 7pm and we would
get home the next day!! We prayed to find a way back home, and kept on
working. I saw a man who was smoking and drinking by a bar and I said
to myself "you know what, this man needs the gospel!" We talk and
comes to find out he is a LESS ACTIVE MEMBER!?!? He says no one came
to visit him after he was baptized and thought no one cared about him.
He offered to drive us home (don't worry, everyone in Spain drives
after drinking and smoking and nothing ever happens) and we got home
safe and sound!! Que milagro!?
      This week we had a Zone Capacitation, and it was pretty funny,
we got to throw cake at a missionary who volunteered. Ok...that was
the coolest part but we learned that as missionaries we have a
wonderful desert and sometimes we just chuck it at our investigators.
We need to learn to feed them these wonderful things so that they
enjoy it and feel satisfied when they are done!
    Alright, I'll end with my miracle this week. So every Wednesday I
play soccer with a big group of chavales (that means like "dudes" or
"bros" in English) and my leaders are always asking me if its a
"sufficient use of my time" because it's not like 4 of them attend
church regularly now...but that's besides the point. A member who is
less active plays and he is a father of a super active family. 3 years
ago he was sealed in the Temple with his family, and that was the last
time he went. Missionaries, members and friends have tried to get him
to come to church and he always says no and he always jokes about
being less active to everyone. Wellllllll I was chosen to be one of
his home teachers. So I set up an appointment with his whole family
during soccer for Friday and we went. When we showed up my home
teacher companion (a member) failed us and forgot. So We went in
without a message cause the member was going to prepare it. We began
and I was just thinking "Well....this is it...lets see what you are
made of Elder Malolo" I began to ask everyone a question about Jesus
Christ, kind of deep questions and it really brought the Spirit. When
it got to the Less Active member I simply asked him "Who is Jesus
Christ" he paused and looked down..after about 3 minutes he looked up
with tears in his eyes and testified the most amazing testimony of
Christ. Afterward I showed the video "Alto Me Eleva" idk what it is in
English. Afterward my companion testified, then I testified and by the
time I was done everyone was literally in tears. We got up, prayed,
invited them to think more of Christ and His mission on earth and
    The following Sunday we were sitting in the sacrament meeting
(always separated, we never sit together as companions here in
Spain...its looked down upon) and right before they closed the doors
for sacrament the Less Active member came in and sat with his family.
His family was in tears and so was everyone else in the room!! When
testimony session started h got up near the end and said these words
"I would have never come back, unless these missionaries Malolo
and.....his companion did not remind me of my Savior. Thank you so
much" and he sat down. I was just like.....and the Elders told me
Soccer was a waste of my time!!!!! Hahaha but I was just absolutely
blown away. By far an amazing moment in my mission.
    I hope everyone understands the importance of Christ. Not only
Him but The Fall as well and why it was so important for us as spirit
children of our Heavenly Father to come here to Earth. Now go, don't
just READ the scriptures but STUDY THEM!!!! We must understand the
things that we read in the holy volume of scripture The Book of

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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