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Monday, April 25, 2016


Hola la familia mía!!!
  Well transfers just came by and guess what, I'm staying in
Coslada!!! That means I would have had 2 areas in 1 year and that's
not many! When I told everyone on Sunday they were all so excited!
During the WARD CONFERENCES a member got up to say the closing prayer
and included "te damos las gracias que Élder Malolo se queda" which
means "we are thankful that Elder Malolo is staying" I was
like.....lets all pretend that didn't happen!! Haha I'm happy I am
staying, this is one of the strongest wards in Spain and they know how
to cook really well so that's a plus. Also, I get the chance to learn
different languages like Portuguese and Romanian and some African
dialect. Cause you never know when you will have to speak to a
  This week went by really slow, we are working with the great
amounts of people we have to teach now and it makes everything go by
slow because you have to pray and fast so much!! This week I wanna
share an encounter with a man we met on the street.
      He is from Argentina and we met him in the
street a week or two ago and we set a lesson up with him. We just
began talking about life and he shared about how when he went through
hard times, the Lord always provided for him, but he also thinks that
we as people need to take care of each other. So I thought it
appropriate to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon about "not
giving to the poor if we have nothing ourselves, but if we do have
something to give then we should!" And this man began to cry and he
looked at me and said that he had heard those same words in a dream
before. We showed him the Book of Mormon and I explained it's story.
When we were done he looked at me and said "I know what you said is
true, I will read this book, and I will be baptized" we didn't explain
anything to him about baptism or even ask him to read the Book of
Mormon yet! Sometimes I think maybe he is actually a me,her just
messing with us...but nahhh!! Haha he is absolutely amazing and I'm
pumped to help him get ready for baptism.
    These past couple weeks o have been studying about the Priesthood
and what our role is and what our responsibilities are. After studying
I came to the conclusion if you would like to learn more about our
priesthood duties you need to read Doctrina y Convenios capítulos 13,
20, 84, 107, 121, and 124. It's a lot, but hey we have a lot of time;)
if you try to study it make sure you pray and understand what you
read. If not, you will not receive revelation from it. I promise you
  Have a great week everyone and do something nice this week to
somebody WHO NEEDS IT!!

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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