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Monday, April 18, 2016

"Voy a vivir con mis vacas, puros, caballos, y whisky en Arizona"

Bienvenidos a todos!!!
      This week we put a lot of work into a specific area called
Coslada. This is where about 98% of all the Romanians live here in
Spain and they all love talking about Obama, Donald Trump, 9/11,
Women, drugs, Dracula, and God! A majority of them are either
Orthodox, Catholic, or Adventist and every person we talked to goes to
the same church but believes on different things, way to go Preacher!
We had a ton of success this week, finding 7 different families to
teach!! All of them are Romanian ...So we are going to get them all baptized
and start a Romanian Branch here in Spain.  A man that we taught,
wants to come back to Arizona with me because he loves watching
western movies. My heading is a quote from him that I will never
forget .  But in all seriousness we had a lot of fun talking
and teaching them all. I particularly want to talk about a Romanian
Family that is Adventist.
    So there is a man, his wife, and a one year old child in this
family. They are Adventist and he has even
served a 2 year mission for his church, he loves to talk about the
Bible and I love to talk about the Book of Mormon, my companion didn't
know what was going on so he isn't in the picture. We started talking
and he asked a LOT of questions, so I gave a LOT of answers and at one
point he started to get very annoyed that I had answers. He finally
smiled and said "So why is the sabbath day Sunday?" My companion,
understanding, explained that Christ rose on Sunday changing to the
Lords Holy Day. He then read a bunch of scriptures about the Sabbath
day and how it's on Saturday and started to go off on us on how we
aren't a true church so I said "If Moses were on the Earth would you
listen to him?" He said of course. I said "Well, why?" He said because
he is a prophet of God and he helps the people on this journey of
life. So I said "perfect, in 1820 a young boy named Joseph Smith saw
God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ, he asked them which church is
true and they said there was not a true church on the Earth, then
called him to be a prophet and restore the same church that was
established by Christ. Through this "modern day Moses", Joseph Smith
restored the true church and established as the Lords Holy day to be
Sunday. You said you would follow the Prophet, and listen to his
words, the reason we believe the Sabbath Day is Sunday is because the
Lord said it is Sunday."
    This man was at a complete loss for words, I read to him Moroni
10:3-5 and invited him to pray and ask if Joseph Smith was a true
Prophet and he and his wife accepted. In the closing prayer he then
referred to us as "servants of the Lord", asked if Joseph Smith was a
true Prophet, and when we opened our eyes he was in tears and so was
his wife. Then we thanked them both and left!
    In Predicad Mi Evangelio, there is a quote that says that we
don't have the answer to everything and eventually we are backed up to
the wall of Faith. I believe the reason why people have so many
questions, why they have so many doubts, is because they are still
doubting that Joseph Smith was a true Prophet of God. We need to know
for ourselves that he was a true Prophet, and that he restored the
church of Jesus Christ. I have no doubts. I have no questions because
I firmly sustain our Apostles and Prophet as men of God. If only we
could all understand the IMPORTANCE of SUSTAINING our church leaders.
I only ask that you come to an understanding of these things. This is
the true church, do NOT have a doubt about it.
  From, the Elder without mercy,
  Elder Malolo🇼🇸🤓

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