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Monday, May 23, 2016

Elder Bednar called me handsome and smart. Elder Taylor Malolo in Madrid Spain

Holaaaaa buenaaaassssss
    So my email is just going to be focused on how Elder Bednar came
and had a conference with all the missionaries!! Literally my favorite
apostle (I love them all equally) came to my mission! Aaaand I can
check that off the list! Now, I wish I can tell you all what he said
BUT he told us not to write down anything he Says. Then h explained to
us how we all probably think that he's going to give a talk, but nope,
he wanted us to ask inspired questions. And everything that was asked
was absolutely amazing and absolutely intense and we got so much out
of it! Near the end of the time we had with him he asked us a
question. He said "Now, what can you tell me about the words that were
not said this evening?" People raised their hands and gave good
answers. I received revelation so I raised my hand and he called on
me. I stood up and said "when I listen to the words that are being
said, I listen to what we all need to hear. When I listen to the words
that aren't being said, I listen to what I need to hear." He has this
incredibly big smile on his face and says "you are a very handsome and
smart man...but not half as smart to think of that answer on your own!
That was the Spirit!"
   That was definitely a very humbling moment for me, but...I have
apostolic word, I am handsome and smart! Toma maestra de ingles!!

Nothing else happened this week, but hey, went to a park today and
went through a tour of the human body.

I learned about the female reproduction system in Spanish...

Have a good day:)

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