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Monday, June 20, 2016

"Que bestia este portero!"

Holaaaaaaa Familia!!
    Every week of this transfer has been so long and we get so much
done, lllllleeeeetttsss get started!!
    Last week we met a lot of people on the street and set up a ton of
lessons which actually went through! (Doesn't happen to often!) long
story short we have put about 5 people on date and maybe I'll be here
for them! We are super excited because this area was "nothing" when I
got here and we are just turning it around. We were told we wouldn't
be able to do it and that President might shut it down cause it was so
bad, which gives us the POWER and the OBLIGATIONS to work that much
harder. We are doing big things out here and seeing miracles as we do
    This week I saw something very very very interesting, something
that's done here in Spain but not in the US. It's called "La despedida
de la vida soltera". Translated to English is "Farewell to the lonely
life" because the person is getting married. The person goes around
town with his or her friends and the friends are dressed up as police
and the one getting married is dressed up as a prisoner. Another long
story short, they basically try to get as many people to kiss the
person who will be married soon as many times as possible......to say
the least!
    Every Saturday we go play futbol with investigators but this week
only one came and all the other missionaries decided to bail out cause
they heard it was going to rain (there was not a cloud in the sky) so
I was like "we are going to find some chavales and we are gonna play!"
After walking around for a while we found a giant group of 30-40
chavales playing futbol on a cement court and I went up to them and
asked if we could join, after a bit of convincing we were allowed to
play. I got picked on a different team than my companion and our
investigator so I didn't know a single person. We started playing the
first game and I was pretty for from the goal. The ball was bouncing
toward me and just being pesado I wanted to shoot it, so I kicked it
off the volley and it went in! Then everyone gained respect for me
haha buuuuuuutttttttttttt later I missed a ton of goals...so I was
like you know what, Ima be keeper! So I trade out with our keeper, and
we started playing again. Another long story short, after playing 11
games, we never left the field and I never got scored on. Theeeeeeen
here comes the blessings from being a beast keeper.
    As I was packing up my stuff the chavales were like "no, please
stay one more game!!". After thinking for a little, I look around at
the 40 chavales all looking at me and I say "if I can share a message
about Christ I will play one more!" They all agreed, so I shared the
Restoration with them. Some were bored and wanted to play, some were
attentive and actually asked questions after Ward. That day we
received 29 references in about 10 minutes haha and we have a lot of
lessons set for this week!

  Now, as for a more spiritual side of my week. I was reading in the
Libro de Mormón. In 3 Nefi 27 and it says this
      33 And it came to pass that when Jesus had ended these sayings
he said unto his disciples: Enter ye in at the strait gate; for strait
is the gate, and narrow is the way that leads to life, and few there
be that find it; but wide is the gate, and broad the way which leads
to death, and many there be that travel therein, until the night
cometh, wherein no man can work.
      Something super weird that we were talking about, my companion
and I, is sometimes when it's night time Jesus asks his disciples to
pray so "they don't fall into temptation". Also it says in the Libro
de Mormón in Alma 41
      5 The one raised to happiness according to his desires of
happiness, or good according to his desires of good; and the other to
evil according to his desires of evil; for as he has desired to do
evil all the day long even so shall he have his reward of evil when
the night cometh.
      We thought to ourselves, why do they get their reward at night?
Thinking to ourselves of the scary Polynesian superstitions that
happen at night, all the crazy things that happen to us both at night.
We realized that night time is just dangerous in general! We also
realized something else.
      If we, as Christians, believe in God we have to believe that
Satan exists. If we know what Satans plan is and how he works we know
that there are evil spirits here upon the earth. We have  stories in
the Bible of demons being cast out all the time. I just want to take
this time to warn you all, and to please ask you all not to "fall into
temptation". The Profets have said time and time again "early to bed,
early to rise". Why do you believe they tell us this? For our health?
Yes. Because "People die in beds, and so does ambition"? Yes. But
there is more! It sounds crazy, but it ain't! Haha so there is my
crazy rant on the night. Have a great week and do something good, the
Lord wouldn't give you another day of life for no reason, am I right!?

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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