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Monday, June 13, 2016

The reason I started in Utah. Elder Taylor Malolo In Barrio 3 Madrid, Spain

I cannot explain to you the amount of miracles that have happened
this week!! Let me just start off by saying this area wasn't much when
I got here. Elder Whiteman is a very misunderstood missionary here and
we talked last week in our companionship inventory that this area just
needs to blow up. IT DID. We went out and we worked our "pompis" off!
The amount of blessings and miracles we have seen gave me a strong
testimony of our mission President. I would follow that man to war!!
This week we had a big zone conference and the presidents wife stands
up and asks "does anybody have any experiences or stories they want to
share about keeping the 50 goal?" The 50 goal is each companion
starting a conversation with 50 people daily which means you
automatically talk with 100 people a day. No one raised their hand. I
raised mine and bore testimony of our Mission President and everyone's
jaw just dropped! It's funny that people think they follow Christ but
don't follow the Mission President called by Him!!
    We have about 4 baptisms coming up soon and we are stoked but I
want to particularly speak of one of them.
    Last week I told you we are learning Chinese to speak with our
Chinese investigator. We were failing at that haha so we were walking
down the street talking about how we can do better with her and I say
"I had a friend in Utah who learned Japanese, Chinese, and
Burmese....maybe he can help?" We think for a sec and go...WE NEED TO
FIND ELDER CHAU (my friend from the Utah mission) we get a member to
find him on Facebook and he emails me one day and says "I am ready
whenever you want!" I was so excited!!!
    So the day comes and we meet with the Chinese girl and to be
completely honest we didn't know a thing about her! As we start the
Skype call Brother Chau is there and he says "I brought a friend!" His
friend comes in and he served his mission in Canada and says to us in
English "I didn't serve in Chinese but I should be able to communicate
with her" he begins speaking to her in Chinese and she starts crying!!
Why?? I'll tell you why.
    This woman, born in China grew up a normal life, not knowing the
gospel. About 3 years ago she found out about God and Jesus Christ and
she wanted to follow the path to eternal life. Her husband didn't
agree with that. Neither did her family, or the government. So she got
an official divorce from her husband, left her 2 year old child and
family. Left China all behind to come to Spain and SEARCH FOR GOD!
    In her search for happiness she went to many churches and didn't
feel they were right. 3 years later she walked into our LDS church
with her google translate and types out "I believe in God, can you
help me?"
    She attends church here for 3 weeks and then tells our Chinese
friends that even though she doesn't understand Spanish. She feels the
spirit and she knows that this is the church of God.

How many of us think we have testimonies? I bet a lot of us do. But
how much of that testimony comes from your heart? Does it come from
your parents? Your friends? Reading quotes from conference and using
them as if you thought of them on your own?
  I can tell you this...testimony, doesn't have the word "test" in it
for no reason. Go out and find your own testimony and strengthen it
each and every day. Your testimony today will not be the same
tomorrow. It will be strengthened or weakened. GET TO WORK!!!!

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