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Monday, June 27, 2016

This week was suck. Elder Taylor Malolo in Barrio 3 Madrid, Spain

Hola fammmmm
    Well as you can see the title to this email is "this week was
suck". Because this week was suck. Well ok, it wasn't super suck, it
just wasn't super awesome so therefore it was suck. But hey some cool
things happened this week, let's talk about thooooooose!!!
    We found a ton of people this week, and one of the, particularly
was a woman whose whole family was baptized instead of her and at one
point in her life she said ok, whoever talks to me first whether it be
Jehovahs Witnesses, Adventists, Catholics, I'll join them. Funny thing
is the Mormons found her MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA but for real, we were
contacting on the street and I got into the "im gonna talk to
everyone" mood and she was in her balcony and I called out to her and
she let us in....there was a man, don't worry...but we taught her and
she agreed to be baptized in August!! Pretty cool miracle especially
cause you know...just someone chillin on a balcony haha.
    This week we had a lot of activities as well, such as a big one in
a park so we went and invited a lot of people who ended up not going
but I ended up doing a standing backflip...yeah, I weight like 240
now, the things you can do when you lose 60lbs in your mission am I
  This week was just filled with contacting and talking to drunk
people in bars and trying to play people at soccer, which was alright
but it could've been better. I'm excited for next week and I hope you
all are too!!!
  Get out there and show the world what it's like to be a member of
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!!

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