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Monday, June 6, 2016

Wǒ de míngzì shì Malolo Zhǎnglǎo Elder Taylor Malolo In Madrid Spain

Hola Familia!!!!
    I can't tell you how interesting my mission has been up to this
point. From learning hardcore Spanish in the North, to learning
African Dialects and Romanian in Torrejon. I now have to learn
Mandarin Chinese here in Barrio 3!! Talk about the gift of tongues!!
We have a family of Chinese people who don't speak English or Spanish
but showed up at church, using google translate said "we are looking
for the true church!" So we are now attempting to learn Chinese and
teach them Spanish! Fun stuff over here!
    This week was very interesting. Let's start off by me and my
companion almost getting arrested!!!
    So we are doing service with the other elders and this woman who
is moving a bunk bed. While  Elder Whiteman and I were taking it down
with screwdrivers and stuff the other elders me the woman leave to the
store to grab some more tools. We had no idea..so we are just chilling
taking apart a bed and all of a sudden someone starts banging on the
front door. We look at each other like huh, the others will get it.
The person keeps banging and ringing the bell and eventually breaks
the door down and the police start running in and get us like "GET OUT
OF THE HOUSE NOW!!!!" I'm just like what the heck is going on!? So I
put my iPad away and put the tools away while cops are yelling at us
in Spanish and we go outside and find out we were the only ones in the
house. What turns out is the woman we were helping lives with her
friend and her friend hasn't paid the bills for years! They got
evicted!! The police give us 30min to bring things out of the house
and it's just me and elder Whiteman!! So we start throwing things
outside and long story short we emptied a house in 25minutes. The
police tell us if we would've done something else (I didn't know what
they were trying to say) they would have arrested us and thrown us in
jail. I was kinda bummed. I want a jail story in my mission!!
    Something else that happened is a missionary tried to escape the
mission so we were all on the lookout for him and then we get a call
telling us to go to the most populated Renfe/Metro/Bus station in the
mission to look for him. So we go and we had to take off our chapas
and search for him, but we never found him. They found him later in
the day 8 hours later. Crazy stuff!!
    As for weird stories that's all that happened. But let's go to a
cool story! So we are walking the streets talking to people and there
is this woman that looks at me and I'm like "she's gettin baptized" as
she goes by I try to stop her and she ignores me and rolls on by. So
we keep going. After 10 minutes the woman was running to us and goes.
"I am a member of your church! When you said hello to me I couldn't
handle it knowing that I had done wrong and I am too scared to go to
church. I thought about it and I need to come back. I need help!" So
we invite her and get h r information and she came to church on
Sunday!! Super cool!! Sometimes there are people who feel they aren't
worthy enough to go back to church but we all have a second chance!
Never give up! Never give in, and keep fighting!!
    Also, a ward mission leader saw me throwing some capoeira kicks
and he is a Muay Thai kick boxer. He wants to spar with me some day so
if I get knocked the heck out some time, you know why!
    I love you all have an awesome week!!

Élder Malolo
Misión Madrid, España
Tómate este correo😎

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