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Monday, August 8, 2016

"Os vais, o venís"?

Buenos días familia mía!!
  This week we were able to meet a lot of interesting people! We were
able to show our futbol skills with some chavales. Most
importantly...spread the "good news"!:) let's begin shall we not!?
  So we haven't discovered the full map of our small area so we
decided to take adventures this week and walk until our feet became
nubs! In the process we were able to find all sorts of people from all
sorts of countries! Well, here in Spain you will find just about any
person! I am just the only Polynesian here though...buuuut we met a
woman in the street from the Dominican Republic who stopped me cause
she knew I was Samoan!! Weird right?? She was telling me how she loves
watching the Samoan 7s Rugby team...I was like, you are awesome! She
came to English classes and then to church!
  Another man we met was from Romania who spoke fluent English, he saw
us and thought I was a construccion worker cause I have big arms, I
said no...I just work out! But he was really nice and he was huge..he
was a security guard for a strip club! Oh the people I know!
  Last was a woman who believed and "knew" I was born in Gijon because
of my Spanish accent and that my English was so bad that I had to have
just learned it from school...sooooo kind of compliment kind of a shot
taken at me, but whatever's.
  As for sports skills, while we explored we passed by a turf futbol
field and I saw the keepers were not keepers and so I asked hem "Hey
I'll play keeper if you pay for me to get in" and they let us in! My
companion was a forward in England so he played up. Long story short,
we won and they invited us to come play again, and then offered to buy
us athletic clothes because we played in church clothes!
  Something totally awesome this week is a man from my last area is
getting baptized on Saturday! The reason I am pumped is because he had
to take a huge change in his life. He was a homeless man who was an
alcoholic. We have been through a lot together! He came to the church
building one time with no socks and blisters on his feet so I gave him
my socks and he began to thank me a lot and said one day he will pay
me back haha. Also bad moments, he ca,e to sacrament drunk and so I
had to carry him out and we gave him a good talk outside the church.
When I left, he had been sober for 4 days. He has now been sober for 2
months and is planing on never drinking again! I couldn't be more
proud of him!
  What I get from this is of course we all have challenges but it
depends on our attitude and our desires to overcome them! Whether it
be drinking, pornography, marriage, or anything! There's nothing we
can't do, we can do anything, it's just hard to get there. In the
process we WILL fall, and we will have to fall so we can learn and
progress. It's a long hard process, but it's worth it. Trust me!
  I hope you all have a bomb week, cause I know I will!! 6 months to
sexy has begun...ill see you all in summer next year!;)

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