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Monday, August 15, 2016

Pokémon GO cheerleaders

Hola fambamington
  This week wasn't too eventful...but hey we still got work done! We
spent a lot of time on the street (welcome to the Madrid Spain
Mission) and talking to a lot of people and only being able to stop
the Latin Americans (Thank you Lamanites). We found a lot of people on
the street this week that used to attend the church on Sunday or as a
kid and as they got older just forgot about it. They saw us on the
street and come up to us telling us how much fun they used to have
coming to church and so we were able to testify to them that they will
have just as much fun because church IS FUN!! And 3 of them came last
Sunday which was so cool!
    The name of the title is basically the new name of the
missionaries here in B3. We all agreed if we see people on the street
fighting a Pokemon we would start cheering them on. This week we were
able to cheer on 11 people in the street and what's even more awesome
is that other people would join us in the cheering!!
  The best moment was on a bus, a woman in front of us was fighting a
Pokemon and so I stand up and I start yelling "Venga!!!! Matalo!!!!"
And everyone on the bus just starts cheering her on and in the end she
finally won and everyone starts applauding haha it was actually really
  Other than that it was a pretty normal week, teaching them people
and spreading the word. This week is gonna be a fun one and also
transfers are on Saturday so maybe I could be moving, maybe not. WHO
  I hope you all have a good week and help out those lost sheep.
Remember, members are missionaries!!

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