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Monday, July 18, 2016

Sports, Sports, Sports

Hola familia!!!!
    This week we got a lot of new missionaries to my District and we
are the most athletic District in the world! So we are taking that to
our advantage, playing soccer, football, volleyball, basketball and
Ecuavoli. Let's just leave it at, all we do is win! We have also
challenged people to come to church and what I did is one day told a
woman on the street to come dance on Friday (Zumba Activity) she
didn't believe me that I was going to teach it and she came!! She
swear her butt off and then she came to church on Sunday! Fun times!!
    Not too much went on we had a big leaders meeting this week, we
spent a lot of time contacting and funny enough we actually found a
lot of less active people and we now have a lot of meetings with them.
    The other day we set a baptismal date with a man name Alexander
from the Dominican Republic, he is awesome and he hates reading but he
knows the Book of Mormon is important!
    Other than that just a lot with working with members, they didn't
have a good relationship with old missionaries, but have no fear,
Elder Malolo with a ukulele is here!
  I love you all sorry for the short email but I have to play
basketball or I will get killed...

Have a goods times chavales!!

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